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ART of  DIRNDL     by
The Dirndl dresses

Hand-crocheted Unique fashion

Home and nature meet luxury and elegance.

The   Dirndl   dresses   are   made   of   100   %   pure   new   wool,   lovingly hand-crocheted.   In   order   to   increase   the   wearing   comfort,   some Dirndl    dresses    are    on    the    next    dress    size    expandable.    By individually   lacing   or   button   over,   depending   on   your   well-being   the desired dress size can be changed. Each   Dirndl   of   Pink   Pani   is   unique   in   terms   of   model,   colour   and design,   right   through   to   production   and   there   is   only   one   version of each. Special for you. Only one piece on earth, for one person in the world. Art of Dirndl  confirm the  real  craftworkship and uniqueness of the Dirndl dresses with a certificate.
Countrydirndl Dirndl Pippa Countrydirndl Dirndl Ornella Countrydirndl Dirndl Rosanna
Unique fashion for Dirndl lovers
Countrydirndl Dirndl Blanca