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ART of  DIRNDL     by

Unique fashion

Special handcrafted wool dresses for Dirndl lovers

People love the something special

Crocheted Dirndl dresses for the big appearance.

Art   of   Dirndl    specialized   in   creating   that   very   special   something with   real   craftsworkship.   A   piece   of   nature   and   luxury.   The   noble and   elegance   Dirndl   dresses   are   designed   with   a   lot   of   heart   and are   hand-crocheted   of   wool.   It   is   a   100   %   pure   new   wool,   a   natural product     of     Merino     sheep.     The     material     adapts     to     the temperatures   depending   on   the   season.   In   spring/summer   it   cools down and in autumn/winter it warms. Pure comfort. Enjoy an exceptional feel good experience.