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The Wool

A natural product of Merino sheep

This wool offers a number of natural benefits.

It   keeps   you   warm   in   winter   and   cools   in   summer,   falls   nicely   and does   not   crease.   The   Dirndl   dresses   are   crocheted   with   100   % pure   new   wool.   The   Merino   wool   breathes   and   is   therefore   kind   to the   skin.   It   absorbs   moisture   and   releases   it   back   into   the   dry   air. This   ensures   well-being.   The   wool   ist   light   and   cool,   because   it consists   of   a   large   number   of   the   finest   wool   fibers.   It   is   also elastic   and   dimensionally   stable.   Merino   wool   is   also   dirt-repellent. The   scale-like   surface   prevents   deep   penetration   of   dirt,   which,   if any,   can   be   easily   removed.   In   addition,   the   wool   naturally   has antistatic properties and odor neutralizing properties. Enjoy the nature fashion.