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Unique Dirndl

Only one piece on earth, for one person  in the world.
Dirndl Blanca

Dress size Medium

Crocheted Dirndl dress in cobalt blue, silver gray and black

Dirndl    dress    in    a    mix    of    dutch    and    mondrian    style,    art    and creativity   combined.   This   noble   and   unique   dress   was   handcrafted with   inspiration   and   love.   The   designing   and   manufacturing   took more   than   280   work-hours.   It   was   made   with   Merino   wool,   a   100   % pure     new     wool.     The     material     adapts     to     the     temperatures depending   on   the   season.   In   spring/summer   it   cools   down   and   in autumn/winter   it   warms.   This   Dirndl   dress   is   only   available   once   in this version. Something special. Spoil yourself with a unique piece. Art of Dirndl  confirm the  real  craftworkship and uniqueness of the Dirndl dresses with a certificate.   The Dirndl accessories shown were only used for photographic purposes.
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